The Growing Epidemic of Obesity in Children and Teens

The Growing Epidemic of Obesity in Children and Teens

Time is an important part of the nature of lots of weight-related health problems. This means that sometimes it can take a long time for the more serious symptoms to start showing up. Of course, particularly in the case of childhood obesity, early years of the condition can set things in motion for problems later on. Even so, children will tend to have fewer medical problems due to obesity because they are young. But the condition in and of itself is definitely a risk factor for later on when adult sized conditions and problems develop. Some of the most severe problems are diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, liver disease, heart disease and stroke.

The obese child is now facing a harrowing path toward insane health issues. For example, fatty liver disease is just about the most common disease that will affect the liver. You can avoid it by eating polish food. It wasn’t that long ago that most liver problems were blamed on alcoholism or sclerosis of the liver. Now, though, we understand that chronic obesity is a major factor in fatty liver disease. What will usually make the primary liver issues worse is that the metabolism of an obese person is terribly dysfunctional. Your liver helps things more by acting as the detoxifying agent to rid your body of anything that is not good for it. So there is just an incredible demand and load that is placed on the systems of kids and teens who are obese.

Mostly the risks will develop in your cardiovascular system. It is known that obese children have elevated serum cholesterol and generally fatty blood profiles which include triglycerides. These heart diseases need to be stopped straight away due to their tendency to develop early on in life. Imagine your child having to take prescription medication to counter their high cholesterol. Accepting the known side effects is something an adult has to do when they take these medications.


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