Improve Your Home Quickly Using Green Cleaning

Improve Your Home Quickly Using Green Cleaning

Did you know that the cleanliness of your house may actually determine its value? Actually it can. The truth is that how clean your home is really does impact these things. Cleaning your house in a specific way really does matter. When you clean, more than likely you’ll use aggressive chemicals to help you. You should not do this. Your health, the health of your family, and the structure of the home, can be negatively affected by doing so.

The best way to protect your family and home is to use green cleaning methods that work, or hire green cleaning service nyc.  This article will discuss some tips you can try.

You do not need ammonia based cleaners for your windows and mirrors. Do not listen to the people at Windex who will tell you otherwise. It is not good to breathe ammonia at all. Without a doubt, your health, and life, is much more important than whether or not your windows are clear and spotless. To do green cleaning, and have clean windows, you need to know a few things. Instead of ammonia, lemon juice with water can actually do the trick. Put four tablespoons of lemon juice into half a gallon of water. Be sure to mix completely. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and go to town on your windows. It is important to not use paper towels. Instead, use a soft cotton rag and wipe the cleanser off of the windows – this is much more environmentally friendly. Lemon juice is also useful when cleaning vinyl household items. Old recliners, vinyl flooring, and anything else in your home that is made of vinyl can be thoroughly cleaned using this all natural lemon juice solution. Most people do not realize that the flooring in the kitchen, as well as their bathrooms, may be made of vinyl and not expensive tiles, even though they may appear to be genuine. Lemon juice neutralizes harmful microbes while also getting your vinyl surfaces clean and shiny. Using lemon juice, you won’t have to smell the ammonia.



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