3 Romantic Things to do in Paris

paris-1395428Holidays are the best part of the year. But what to do during this time if you are a coupe and you don’t like hot countries or don’t have swimwear men? The answer is as simply as it can be – go to romantic trip to Paris!

For sure you have heard about „love-locking” Bridges in Paris, romantic kisses under the Eiffel Tower and other love-related thing to do in Paris and give the Pont des Arts a little rest… Here you have some inspirations!

A Lady and the Tramp Dinner in a Hidden Alley

If you ever seen this movie, you for sure want to re-create this famous, super romantic scene with spaghetti. For the perfect scenery, keep a Sharp eye out on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine. They have delicious homemade pasta and other Italian dishes

Dancing by the Seine

As long as the weather is good, dancing by the Seine is a perfect way to spend free time during romantic trip in Paris – especially if you like tango. A little old man sits on the edge of the river with his radio playing tango-esque music and guarding the dancers’ belongings. This is the incredible date spot in Paris.

Go for a drive in a vintage car

You can tell the driver to lead the way and show you all his secret spots of the city, or give him a more specific idea of the sort of off-beat things you’d like to see. All the drivers have an encyclopedic knowledge of Paris and speak several languages.


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