How to find your personal style?

GM-SKY-01-3-largeWith a lot of you starting class, internships and work, you be thinking of whether you should try to tweak your style for the new season. But if you’re not exactly sure what your style is in the first place, here’s a short 3-step guide to figuring it out!

Look for keywords, not categories

The terms above – trendy, preppy, formal – aren’t going to be complete representations of your unique style. They’re great categories for placing an outfit in, but you likely don’t rep them every single day.

Make tweaks, don’t overhaul

Be real, how many of you want to start from scratch with your closet at times?

Put an end to the comparison game

Now is the time to be inspired, not envious. Your peers and coworkers’ styles, the blogger of the moment, street style inspiration on the Internet – there’s a wealth of information out there. But once you stop being inspired and start making comparisons, it’s time to separate yourself form those sources.


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